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We offer programs for individuals, parents, teens, parents with their children, and employee groups.

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Our mission is to provide programs and resources for people to live RICH lives - lives filled with Respect, Integrity, Caring and Happiness
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We provide free resources in addition to our online programs to help you develop more harmony in your life.

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24/5 Customer Support
Got a question? Our support team is only an email away, 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday (yes, we believe in the positive power of restful weekends!)
Science-Based Resources
Our resources are always backed by scientific research and evidence-based practice.
Private Community
Learn and share together. Get insight from qualified and accomplished psychologists and coaches in our members-only community.
Always Current
Stay updated. We’re always adding new features, new tools and fresh blog posts to our positive psychology resources. And, because we listen to our community, many of them are what you’re asking for.
What Our Customers Are Saying
28 Year-Old College Student - Engaged
49 Year-Old Information Technology Specialist - Divorced
“The workshop really helped me clarify my goals – not a lot of people sit down and write their goals.” “It helped to reinforce my career change into nursing.” (Undergraduate degree in communications)

“The circle of life exercise helped me to focus on what’s important and how to spend time on those things. I am definitely still working on it!”

“I am doing a lot better on time management and I’m making definite strides in taking time
for my fiancé and my family.”
You identify particular sectors in your life and as you develop the detail, you see where you’d like those to be – you want those to be in harmony. Then you develop an action plan with them.”

”It’s a reality check – am I really living the life I want to live?” “Six months later, I am still working on things. For example, one area out of balance was physical and I recognized areas in which to build exercise into my daily activities. I am now conscious of how important it is to keep my body strong.”
Health Care Professional - Married, Mother Of 2, Grandma Of 5
45 Year-Old Mother Of 4 - Married, Business Owner
“After the workshop, I went home and put my house up for sale! Sometimes you know what you need to do, but just can’t get it going. The workshop really got me going!”
“The reason I wanted to go to this workshop is because I knew I was trying to juggle too many balls in the air – wanting a career and the “brass ring”, 4 children, marriage – I couldn’t have it all.”

“It helped me put more perspective on my family. The biggest struggle is how to find fulfilling work and put the right focus on my family.”
About Us
Strengthen the Harmony Between Your Life, Family, and Work™ is a comprehensive program that helps people better understand their core values and how clarifying those fundamental beliefs can reduce conflict and increase harmony in their personal life, family, and work environments.

The program is available as an online course or as in-person workshops facilitated by Judy Whalen, Founder and CEO of Strengthen the Harmony.
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StrengthenTheHarmony™ is proud to be recognized by
EonBotz Robotics contracted the Strengthen the Harmony program to share it with its clients who are educators. The program was presented to three different groups of educators who serve preschool through college level students.
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